Mandelbrot Applet


This page is deprecated. It requires the Java-Plugin, which these days is no longer a good idea to use for security reasons and not generally supported. Unfortunately I didn't get to redo this page using more modern Javascript-based technology for a number of years, not sure if it is every gonna happen. So this is primarily for historical interest now, albeit it technically would still work.


This is the start page for the Mandelbrot Applet. The Mandelbrot Set is one type of fractal, and besides it's mathematical value it can be aesthetically pleasing. One of the interesting properties of the Mandelbrot Set is that it can be arbirtrarily magnified, and while some elements will look similar to other areas of the Set no part will be exactly the same. In practice however there is a maximum magnification caused by the limited precision of the computer - increasing the precision further would be considerably slower. Please note that Java must be installed for the Applet to work .


The main feature of this Applet is that it can work in "Auto" mode, magnifying interesting regions automatically. This can be turned off to allow selecting interesting regions with the mouse instead (choose "Manual"). The Maximum Iteration parameter is always chosen automatically (you don't have to know what this means - in fact that's the point of this feature).

There are also a number of different colormaps available, and some tricks are used to increase performance.

Here you can choose the parameters which will be used to compute the Mandelbrot-Set. Don't worry if you don't know what options to select, simply use the defaults.

When ready, press to Go! button below.

Select Applet size
Size The size of the Mandelbrot Applet. The bigger, the more time is needed to compute it.
Select Autozoom
Autopilot Select "Auto" for Auto-mode (the Applet will choose an area to zoom into automatically), or "Manual" to select interesting regions yourself with the mouse.
Example for Colormap
ColorMap Choose a colormap fitting your taste. To emphasize the structure, use Contrast.
Starting Point
Starting point Choose which area of the Mandelbrot Set should be computed. Use default to start with the complete Mandelbrot Set.
These presets are available in case you have Javascript disabled: