NMEA to KML converter


2008-10-20: There has been an update to the converter. The result is now saved on the server and made available for 24 hours from an intermediate results page. You can also choose to color the path according to the speed or the number of used satellites. The KML output has been improved, with placemarks and line segments now grouped separately so you can deselect each of them easily. Line segments are broken when there is no GPX fix. And of course there have been bugfixes.

What it does

You can upload a file containing GPS-coordinates in the NMEA-format (that's what most GPS devices provide), and the converter will return a KML-file which can be loaded in Google Earth. All datapoints are displayed in a line to allow exact tracking of your route, and at adjustable intervals (see settings below) the route is marked by placemarks which display speed (in km/h), height and time (GPS-Time). The number of placemarks can be influenced by the minimum distance and minimum time difference settings below.

Note: The resulting KML file will be provided on a static result page which will be available for about 24h on this server (with a hard to guess URL).


Please keep in mind:


Now select file to convert from NMEA to KML:

Minimum distance between two placemarks in meter:

Minimum time difference between two placemarks:

Name for the Route (will appear as name in GoogleEarth):

Method to color the route:

After pressing Submit, wait until the file uploade has completed (this may take some time). A result page will be displayed and then a download dialog should open.