More content on the way

After a very long time I'm starting to add more content to the site. Pretty much everything available on this site up to now is really old by now, but has proven to be useful for quite a number of people over the years. However, times have changed.

The one still really useful (and often used) feature is the IEEE754-converter. While the original Java-based version was created over 15 years ago, it has already been updated to a more modern Javascript-based version and is going to stay unchanged - don't fix it if it isn't broken. Other parts of the site are no longer useful. The Mandelbrot-page, while theoretically still working, can hardly be used anymore due to the use of the Java-plugin, which is strongly decouraged these days for security reasons. The high-resoluation earth image is certainly no match for all the high resolution pics you get at Google Maps and elsewhere.